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Put Your Trust in Hoover

The Hoover name is synonymous with vacuum cleaners.  In fact, many people say that they need to get a new “Hoover,” when they are talking about getting a new vacuum cleaner.  It’s understandable why the Hoover name is so popular when you look at the quality products they manufacture.  No matter what your situation is, or how big or small your home, apartment or business is, Hoover has a cleaning tool to help you out.

What Makes Hoover so Special?

Hoover is one of the most well known brands in the floor care industry.  They manufacture high quality products at fairly reasonable prices.  No matter what your financial situation is, Hoover has a vacuum cleaner that can fit your cleaning needs and your budget.

Customers who have purchased Hoover vacuums before say that it’s almost fun to clean when you have a Hoover.  Many of the products have innovative features that make cleaning easier than ever.  Whether you have a small apartment, a large house or business, have pets, kids or just generally have a lot of traffic in your area, a Hoover vacuum cleaner is one of the best investments you can make.

Reviews of Popular Hoover Vacuums

Hoover Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030

Stick vacuums are handy because they are lightweight and many of them are just as powerful as upright vacuums.  This Hoover vacuum is no exception.  Versatility is one of the convenient features about this vacuum, since it can operate just as well on hardwood floors as it does on carpet.

Hoover’s wind tunnel technology makes vacuuming a breeze.  The outside of the vacuum head will pick up smaller debris and dust, while funneling the larger debris into the center of the head.  It is a fantastic vacuum if you have pets, since it is strong enough to pick up pet hair.  Whenever you need to clean up a quick mess, this is your go-to vacuum since it’s not a big hassle to get out of the closet.

Hoover FloorMate Upright Vacuum, FH40160PC

This is one of the best hardwood floor vacuums in the industry, because it serves as a 3-in-1 machine.  With just a flip of a switch, your hardwood floors can be vacuumed, washed and dried.  The SpinScrub technology is one of the most innovative features that you will find in any vacuum cleaner, and it’s the Hoover brand that brings it to you.

Whether you just need to do your weekly or monthly cleaning, or if it’s been a while, this vacuum will get the job done.  Expect it to get a deep clean on your hardwood floors, but it won’t work as well on carpeted areas.  Washing and drying hardwood floors can be a backbreaking chore, but with this vacuum cleaner, you can put away the mop and mop bucket.  All you really need to get the cleaning done for your hardwood floors is this vacuum, which happens to be one of the best that Hoover makes.

Hoover’s Long History

You’ve got to go back all the way to 1907 when you’re looking for the beginning of the Hoover story.  It all started when an inventor named Murray Spangler had problems with his asthma when he was stirring up dust at his job as a janitor.  He put together a pillowcase, a soap box, a fan and a broom handle to create a device that pulled away the dust from the air he was breathing.  It was at that point that the light turned on and the thoughts of business opportunities rolled through his mind.

W.H. Hoover bought Spangler’s patent one year later, hired a few employees and started the company that is known as Hoover today.  They started selling their products by placing ads in newspapers and are now one of the worldwide leaders in floor-care equipment.  The products have only become more innovative over the years and Hoover is constantly inventing products that are the first in the industry.  Some of the “firsts” that Hoover came out with include the side-mount hose, self-propelled feature, disposable paper bag and the vacuum headlight.  With their wide line of products offered today, they are easily the leader in their industry and still going strong after more than 100 years.

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